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The Swift Foundation supports local stewards and their allies who are dedicated to protecting biological and cultural diversity, building resilience amidst climate change and restoring the health and dignity of communities globally.

The Swift Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.

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Featured Videos

Dasiqox Tribal Park Declaration


“The Tsilhqot’in National Government announced the creation of the Dasiqox Tribal Park, covering an area larger than half of Prince Edward Island. It follows a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in June recognizing Tsilhqot’in aboriginal title to their traditional territories.” Read article, Fresh off Title Victory, Tsilhqot’in Unveil Tribal Park. Click here for […]

Introduction to Transformative Finance


Transform Finance is a committed community of investors, entrepreneurs and social leaders that seek to place communities back at the core of impact investing and that support community-led models of investment. See Morgan Simon, CEO and Founder of Transform Finance, speak about the goals of transformative finance on this five minute video.  

Cultivating the Future Women Farmers in Ghana


This is the fourth video in a series produced by Swift grantee, Groundswell International. In this video, learn how women farmers in Ghana are working together and sharing knowledge with other women in their communities to restore native crops and protect indigenous seeds.  To view this five minute video, click here. 

Recent Reports

The Phiri Award for Farm & Food Innovators


Dedicated Zimbabwean farmers are making quiet breakthroughs that advance food sovereignty in their communities.  Just as Mr. Phiri shared his innovations with thousands of visitors from across the country, Africa and the world, so too can other local innovators be recognized and assisted to disseminate their vision. Read more about the award, the ceremony and the […]

Land is Life Published Books


Swift grantee, Land is Life, has published two books. Both the Education Module on Indigenous Peoples: A Facilitator’s Guidebook and the Workshop Facilitator Guidebook: Advocacy for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Climate Change are the result of a multi-year collaboration between Land is Life, the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA), and Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN) and also informed by the experiences of Land is […]

How much of world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture?


GRAIN calculates that about half of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system, and that we need to turn to small farmers and local markets to get rid of this. Rani Molla of the Wall Street Journal compares GRAIN’s figures with what other’s have to say about it. Click here to read more. 

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