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The Swift Foundation supports local stewards and their allies who are dedicated to protecting biological and cultural diversity, building resilience amidst climate change and restoring the health and dignity of communities globally.

The Swift Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.

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Featured Videos

Celebrating Seeds- MELCA- Ethiopia


In this video clip, MELCA and Bale celebrate the rehabilitation of Bale’s degraded lands and the renewed sustainability of seedlings and the environment for future generations. With MELCA’s help, Bale has been able to revitalize all 19 of their original seed varieties, which have been tremendously important because of the many agro-ecological conditions. Rather than […]

Reconnecting with the Sacred: Community-Led Revival of Nature and Culture in Bale, Ethiopia


Bale, Ethiopia has been a place of great history, love, peace, and sanctity to many. In order to maintain its vibrancy, the people of Bale have needed a source of energy and income, and MELCA has worked with them hand in hand to provide just that. MELCA has provided many essential items to the people […]

Saharan Desert Dust Feeds Amazon Tropical Rainforest, NASA Finds

Dust from Saharan Desert

Dust from the hot Saharan Desert of northern Africa has a connection to a much different climate in South America, according to a study by NASA scientists. Using satellite data, the study has found that the dust is acting as fertilizer for South America’s Amazon rainforest about 1,600 miles away to the west over the Atlantic Ocean. […]

Recent Reports

A 13-Point Checklist for Writing Better Thank-You Letters to Donors

Checklist with red felt pen, and checked boxes.

In this article from philanthropy.com by Lisa Sargent, learn how to improve your Thank You letters to donors. 1) Send one. The cardinal rule of donor thank-you letters is to send one. Mystery donation tests <http://www.grizzard.com/why-do-you-treat-me-like-you-dont-care/> still show that just under half of nonprofits either don’t bother to send a gift acknowledgment or wait too […]

Lending to Poor Farmers: Seeding the Market

The Economist Article

Root Capital has been featured in the latest print issue of The Economist. This article explores Root Capital’s 15-year track record, their impact to date, and their aspirations for the future. Providing important, mainstream validation of their model, journalist Matthew Bishop describes their work as proof that rural enterprises “make safe and profitable borrowers.” Click here to […]

Declaration on the Safeguarding of Indigenous Ancestral Burial Grounds as Sacred Sites and Cultural Landscapes

Declaration Ancestral Burial

Concerned by threats to burial grounds, the Declaration calls on the State to recognise and safeguard these places as cultural heritage and prevent their damage and destruction by others, and to recognise and support the role of indigenous peoples in protecting their burial grounds. While set in the Canadian context, some of these principles could […]

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