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The Swift Foundation supports local stewards and their allies who are dedicated to protecting biological and cultural diversity, building resilience amidst climate change and restoring the health and dignity of communities globally.

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Galina Angarova Joined Swift Foundation as Program Officer

On behalf of the board of directors, I am delighted to announce that Galina Angarova joined Swift Foundation as our first full-time program officer based out of San Francisco. Her experience and knowledge will enable us to engage in stronger partnerships with our grantees, and to support the implementation of our mission and programs. Click here to read the entire announcement.


Featured Videos

The Power of Maps – El Poder del los Mapas

Gaia Amazonas

Martin von Hildebrand with Swift Foundation grantee, Gaia Amazonas, explains the importance of social cartography as a component in the indigenous territorial management. With the support of Esri, Gordon & Betty Moore, Parks and Gaia Amazonas, indigenous organizations in the Amazon prepare their life plans with the state to participate in the composition of the […]

#AgroecologyVoices: Pat Mooney, ETC Group

AgroEcology Fund

Pat Mooney believes that agroecology is at the core of food sovereignty. Food systems need to be ecologically sound and affirm the rights of small producers. This is the first short video in a series ‪#‎AgroecologyVoices published by the AgroEcology Fund. Click here to watch the 1-minute video.‬

Myrna Cunningham Kain: The diversity of rural women

Myrna Cunningham

Too often development activities meant to assist poor rural women treat them as if they were all the same, says Myrna Cunningham Kain, President of the Centre for Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples. In reality rural women are a diverse population with different cultural backgrounds, knowledge systems and development challenges. Click here to watch […]

Recent Reports

Gleaning the Wisdom: 7 Diverse Voices for Agroecology

Gleaning AFSA

In May, 2016, the AgroEcology Fund in partnership with the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, hosted a convening with over 70 delegates from 20 countries in Masaka, Uganda. Farmers, social movements, funders, scientists and policy advocates dialogued on amplifying agroecological solutions in the context of a changing climate, land grabs and corporate control of […]

Integration of small-scale farmers into formal seed production in South Africa


New Report from Swift grantee, African Centre for Biodiversity! The scoping report looks at key policies, legislation and programmes in South Africa with an emphasis on seed laws and considers the implications for small- scale farmer involvement in this sector and outlines a few projects on community seed production, indigenous crops and black- owned private […]

Colombian court bans oil, gas and mining operations in paramos

AIDA in Columbia

Major environmental victory after loophole permitting operations in rare ecosystems is declared “unconstitutional”! Swift grantee, AIDA, submitted an amicus brief that was quoted quite extensively by the court in its decision to uphold protections for these important high altitude wetlands and freshwater sources. Read article by The Guardian here.

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