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The Swift Foundation supports local stewards and their allies who are dedicated to protecting biological and cultural diversity, building resilience amidst climate change and restoring the health and dignity of communities globally.

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Swift Foundation Joins Divest-Invest

Dear Divest-Invest Foundations, Fellow Philanthropists and Colleagues,

We commend the leadership of Divest-Invest in catalyzing our discussions about shareholder activism and the role we play in the movement to divest the endowment from destructive fossil fuels into renewable energy. As proud members (as of September 2016) of Divest-Invest, the Swift Foundation is pleased to report that, as of September 2015, our endowment is 99% fossil fuel free.

With this letter, we want to share our path towards divestment and to foster and invite constructive collective action to address some unintended negative social and environmental consequences of the transition to renewable energy. Click here to continue reading this letter.


Featured Videos

Our Work With the Pine Ridge Reservation

Swift grantee, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, brought the mind-body skills group model to the Pine Ridge Reservation which has had a youth suicide rate well above the national average. Watch this inspiring 4-minute video to learn how the work of CMBM has impacted the Oglala Lakota Sioux community.

Voices and Visions of Indigenous Terra Madre

Indigenous Terra Madre is the gathering of indigenous communities and supporters that form part of the Slow Food movement. In November of 2015, representatives of 148 tribes from 58 countries gathered in Shillong, Khasiland, Meghalaya, India, to share information, strategies and resources around indigenous food and biocultural diversity. This video produced by The Cultural Conservancy, […]

New Video – Braiding the Sacred

Braiding the Sacred, from Swift grantee, Cultural Conservancy, is a network of indigenous corn producers and advocates from traditional maize cultures. This documentary exemplifies the network’s work sharing resources, information, experiences and seeds. We are thrilled and honored to highlight corn guardians from the following communities: Onondaga, Mohawk, Seneca, Kawaik, Tesuque Pueblo, Quechua and Diné. […]

Recent Reports


A COMPENDIUM OF PERSPECTIVES ON AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY FROM AROUND THE WORLD Commissioned by the Global Alliance, this report brings voices from around the world together to weigh in on a future that protects and improves resilient seed systems. A core report written by agricultural biodiversity researchers Emile Frison and Toby Hodgkin, is complimented by commentaries […]

N2Africa, the Gates Foundation and legume commercialisation in Africa

This report by Swift grantee, African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), considers the N2Africa programme, which aims to develop and distribute improved, certified legume varieties (soya, common bean, groundnut and cow pea); promote and distribute inoculants and synthetic fertiliser; and develop commercial legume markets for smallholder integration in 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Click here to download the […]

Article: Beyond Climate Change Platitudes

This Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Joanna Levitt Cea, the Director of Special Funds at IDEX, talks about why global leaders need to look beyond the status quo and recognize grassroots innovators as rightful peers. Swift Foundation is funding the grantee-partner collaborative referred to in this article. Click here to read it.

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