SkeenaWild Conservation Trust

SkeenaWild believes that clean air, clean water, thriving wild salmon and healthy ecosystems are fundamental to the cultural, social and economic wellbeing of Skeena communities. We strive to develop long term solutions within these focus areas: Habitat Protection: provide support, leadership and education regarding development that threatens the health, resilience and diversity of wild salmon and the habitats upon which they depend; Sustainable Fisheries Management: collaborate with First Nations and conservation partners to reduce impacts on vulnerable stocks, and develop and implement rebuilding plans; Community Engagement: We strive to build relationships, create dialogue, solicit feedback, and share stories and information through social and educational programs, annual events and conversations with friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Grant Amount:
2015: $70,000; 2017: $90,000
Grant Length:
Two Years
2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019
British Columbia
Pacific Northwest
Program Area:
Land Stewardship