Yansa Group

Yansa’s mission is to foster frontline community leadership in an equitable, safe and just transition to renewable energy. Together with indigenous communities in Mexico, Chile and Kenya, we advance utility-scale community-owned renewable energy production, and work to strengthen accountability and respect for collective rights in connection with mainstream renewable energy projects. Our aim is to mitigate social risk in the energy transition and contribute to a thriving, democratic and participatory clean energy system.

We see an equitable, safe and just energy transition as a goal on itself and as a means towards wider socio-economic transformation. There is real power in utility-scale energy generation. We want this power to be placed in the hands of frontline communities, and at the service of social and environmental sustainability across all sectors, from food production to economic balance, from gender equity to ecological regeneration.

Grant Amount:
$35,000; $25,000; $60,000
Grant Length:
One Year; One Year; Two Years
2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019
Cold Spring
New York
United States
Program Area:
Land Stewardship