2015 Grants

Our 2015 list includes all grants from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.

Global Networks and Collaboration

AgroEcology Fund, Global, $180,000 (2-years)
Funded via New Venture Fund
To support a multi-donor fund committed to funding agroecological solutions across the globe by increasing the volume, collaboration, and long-term effectiveness of research, advocacy, and movement building for agroecological systems and policies.

Confluence Philanthropy, United States, $35,000 (2-years)
To promote environmental sustainability and social justice by helping to move philanthropy in the direction of mission-aligned investing.

GRAIN, Global, $60,000 (2-years)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support small farmers and social movements in their creation of biodiverse and community-controlled food systems.

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples – IFIP, Global $50,000 (2 years)
To convene Indigenous Peoples, donors and foundations to advance partnerships that can improve the lives of Indigenous Peoples globally, build communities of practice among donors, and support cultural diversity as a human right.

Latin American Biodiversity Alliance, Latin America, $30,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support the publication of this ten member Latin American alliance to promote food sovereignty, self-governance, community control of native seeds, and community-based economic resiliency.

Six Nations Polytechnic, British Columbia, Canada, $10,000
Funded via Global Greengrants
To fund scholarships for the 11th Tri Annual World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) in July 2017. The conference will create a global platform for Indigenous Peoples to network, share, collaborate and create partnerships.

Terralingua, British Columbia, Canada, $30,000
To assist the reconnection of youth with Elders in two British Columbia (BC) First Nations—the Saanich of southern Vancouver Island and the Tsilhqot’in in the south-central Interior—through training and capacity building in audiovisual documentation in collaboration with Cultural Conservancy.

Land Stewardship, Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity

Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, Africa, $70,000 (2-year)
Funded via Global Greengrants
To strengthen the agroecology movement in Africa in terms of cohesion among various stakeholders, including policy makers, civil society and scientists towards the promotion of agroecology.

Bad River Tribe, United States, $25,000
Funded via Global Greengrants
To purchase a passenger van for the Bad River Youth Outdoors program which fosters active lifestyles and sustains traditional Ojibwe cultural values about nibi and aki, water and land.

EarthRights International, Peru, $28,000
To conduct legal advocacy and provide support for Indigenous groups, threatened by unsustainable and environmentally deleterious development in the Amazon.

EkoRural, Ecuador, $75,000 (2-year)
Funded via Groundswell International
To continue to promote a favorable political institutional environment for Community Biodiversity Management strategies as a means to strengthen and intensify agroecology in small farmer’s Indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Gitga’at First Nation, B.C., Canada, $22,500
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To develop, improve and enhance Gitga’at capacity to engage effectively in the management of the lands, waters and natural resources while maintaining culture, language, and traditional practices that shape everyday village life.

Great Bear Initiative Society, Canada, $22,500
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support member Coastal First Nations in the achievement of self-sufficient and self-governing societies within their traditional territories.

Grupo Allpa, Ecuador, $20,000
Funded via Global Greengrants
To promote Sumak Kawsay (Good and Rightful Living) by the expansion of food and seed sovereignty and sustainable living practices, through a seed propagation initiative.

Idea Wild, Global, $50,000 (2 years)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To promote biodiversity by empowering people on the front lines of conservation by awarding small equipment grants to conservation professionals around the world.

Land is Life, Ecuador, $30,000
To support the Council of Women, the Indigenous women’s leadership board of ECUARUNARI in Ecuador, to work with over 200 communities (nearly 2,000 women) to conduct workshops on how best to organize in support of human rights for Indigenous Peoples, women leadership, and food sovereignty.

Sisu Institute/Yinka Dene Alliance, Canada, $20,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support the Yinka Dene Alliance, comprised of the Nadleh Whut’en, Nak’azdli, Takla Lake, Saik’uz, Wet’suwet’en, and Tl’azt’en Nations of Northern British Columbia, to uphold ancestral laws to protect their traditional territories from pipelines.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition – Madii Lii Project, B.C., Canada, $16,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support a group working to prevent liquid natural gas development from impacting wild salmon habitat and culture.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition – Suskwa Research Project, B.C., Canada, $25,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To provide technical support on emerging regional development initiatives including: energy, forestry, fisheries, mineral exploration, and mining, and to act as a resource to connect First Nations with conservationists, settlers, and technical assistance.

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust – Headwaters Project, B.C., Canada, $20,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To provide support to the Wet’suwet’en in developing a comprehensive rebuilding plan for the endangered Morice sockeye salmon and support a response based program for critical issues affecting First Nations.

The Center for Mind Body Medicine, South Dakota, United States, $35,000
To help support the ongoing training, mentorship, and supervision necessary to enable 75 CMBM-trained community leaders and peer counselors to serve more than 1000 of the most traumatized children and adults in Pine Ridge communities of South Dakota.

The Gaia Foundation, Africa, $120,000 (2 years)
To demonstrate the vital role of indigenous knowledge and agro-ecological practices, the role of women in the governance of seed and food systems, and the way these systems can be revived, enhanced, and scaled up via the use of eco-calendars and eco-mapping methodologies.

West Coast Environmental Law, B.C., Canada, $20,000
Funded via the Tides Foundation U.S.
To support First Nations’ use of Indigenous law to assert their governance rights over their land and resources.

Resilient Local Economies

RSF Social Finance, Global, $15,000
To support this non-profit financial services organization to provide capital to non-profit and for-profit social enterprises investing in sustainable agriculture opportunities.

Visionaries and Innovations

Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental – CEMDA, Mexico, $25,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To perform legal research on how the Mexican agricultural laws and public policy have affected the human rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Honor the Earth, United States, $20,000
Funded via White Earth Land Recovery Project
To augment grassroots and tribal opposition to extreme extraction in the Great Lakes region and to transition their community to a restored Indigenous economy.

Indigenous Educational Network, United States and Global, $40,000 (2 years)
To support organizing, campaigns, advocacy, network building and policy development for Native and Indigenous Peoples working for environmental and economic justice.

Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) – British Columbia, Canada, $20,000
Funded via Global Greengrants
To support a planning grant for the growth of ILRU work to recover and revitalize Indigenous laws to reinvigorate communities of Indigenous legal practice, locally and globally.

Navdanya, India, $15,000
To empower marginalized communities to ensure that they have enough to eat, live in healthy environments, and are able to take action independently and effectively to become self-reliant through sustainable use of natural resources and just relationships.

Thousand Currents (formerly International Development Exchange – IDEX), Global, $25,000
To enable Thousand Currents / IDEX, Grassroots International, Global Greengrants Fund and Urgent Action –U.S. to strengthen, amplify and unify climate justice solutions globally—especially those led by grassroots groups, Indigenous peoples, women and youth.

Yansa, Global, $35,000
To foster community development and environmental sustainability, ensuring that the transition to renewable energy is equitable, safe and just.


Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders, United States, $2,200

Slow Money, United States, $5,000

EDGE Funders Alliance, Global, $2,000

Bay Area Justice Funders Network, United States, $1,200

Climate Energy Funders Group, United States, $2,000

Mission Investors Exchange, United States, $4,200

Out-of-Cycle Grants 

Yansa, Inc., Mexico, $2,200

Land is Life/Ashinwaka, Ecuador, $6,000

Slow Money, United States, $900

Cultural Conservancy, Global, $3000

Thousand Currents (formerly International Development Exchange – IDEX), Global, $10,000

International Forum on Globalization, Global, $10,000

Land is Life/Ashinwaka, Ecuador, $8,000

United Roots, Bay Area San Francisco, $10,000

Land is Life, Ecuador, $5,000

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), Global, $5,000

Colectivo Nationale de Ecuador, Ecuador, $4,000
Funded via Groundswell International

Community Alliance for Global Justice, United States, $15,000

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), Peru, $15,000

International Rivers, Andes-Amazon, $7,000

Responsible Endowments Coalition, United States, $5,000

Sapichay, Peru, $2,500
Funded via Land Empowerment Animals People